Reutech Radar Systems, along with sister division Reutech Solutions, is able to offer the complete spectrum of capabilities applicable over a typical radar system's life cycle.

These capabilities encompass requirements definition in collaboration with the client, the drawing up of specifications in accordance with recognised military and industrial equipment norms, followed by the development, qualification, manufacture, installation and commissioning as well as post-delivery support and end of life disposal.

Systems Engineering & Project Management 1
Antennas 2

    Slotted Waveguide Antennas

    Slotted Waveguide Antennas

    Dipole Arrays

    DBR-XL Lband

    Feeds and Reflectors

    DBR-XL xband

Radio-Frequency engineering 3

    Transmitters, Receivers & Synthesisers

Signal and Data Processing 4

    This is a time accelerated video of bird movement in False Bay as viewed by a StealthRad radar positioned in Simon’s Town. Most of the movement is seagulls flying southward to collect in the sea between Roman Rock Light House and the coast. Seal Island is visible in the picture to the far right, with some bird motion around it. About 45 seconds into the video, a large flock of birds collect in an area between Glencairn and Fish Hoek. There are a number of fishing boats in the bay traveling northwards. A gyrocopter travels back and forth along the coast between Muizenberg and Simon’s Town Harbour. Light aircraft flies in from the north and leaves the picture to the west. Another light aircraft flies in from the south and progress along the coast to Muizenberg.

    Signal processing algorithms allows these targets to be classified to present a picture of only the targets of interest to the operator.

Electro-mechanical systems 5
Logistic Support 6

    Mining Radar Support Centre

    Mining Radar Support Centre