Mobile Sensor Station (X300) - Perimeter Intrusion Monitoring System

Mobile Sensor Station (X300) Overview 1
  • The X300 is a product line extension of the Perimeter Intrusion Monitoring System "PIMS" that integrates camera technologies traditionally used for asset protection with surveillance radar technology. The PIMS radar technology provides all-weather, persistent wide area surveillance. This technology enables a superior intruder detection and -tracking capability. Geo-referenced 2D intruder tracking by the radar sub-system provides automatic cueing of the integrated Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) thermal/day camera.

    The X300 offers the full functionality of the PIMS solution conveniently mounted on a rugged, all terrain trailer platform suitable for rapid deployment in remote locations. Included is a solar-or diesel based power generation solution, allowing for complete off-grid utilisation. PIMS X300 mobile surveillance platforms offer scalable wide area surveillance ranges, as per client specific needs. A local User Interface unit is offered as standard allowing control of the system, including the display of real time intruder tracks and integrated camera video feed.

X300 Solution Attributes 2
    • Application in temporary perimeter or portal protection
    • Rapid deployment to ensure persistent monitoring of intruder movement in hotspcts as threats arise
    • Deployable as standalone system or allows for ease of integration with legacy security systems
    • Sector based- or 360° area coverage depending on number of chosen sensors
    • Range of coverage depending on type of sensors (short range to long range)
    • Scalable application through overlapped daisy chaining of multiple X300 systems (or fixed installations of PIMS)
    • Remote User Interface control (performance dependant on communication option chosen)
    • Remote display of real time intruder tracks and integrated camera video feed (performance dependant on communication option chosen)
System Component Attributes 3
  • Sensor payload

    • Scalable radar sensor configurations offer 360° coverage using 3 to 4 sensors
    • Detection up to 1200m on a pedestrian walking and 1500m on a vehicle depending on radar sensor type chosen.
    • PTZ thermal/day camera integrated to best fit sensor coverage options

    Trailer/mobile surveillance platform

    • Rugged, all terrain trailer equipped with off-road trailer chassis and air suspension.
    • Equipped with a solar-powered system or diesel generator to enable long term autonomous operation.
    • Single load electronics bin made from stainless steel to protect valuable electronics in harsh conditions.
    • Front mast tilting mechanism ensures ease of attachment of sensors and quick deployment
    • Stabiliser adjustable feet enable quick deployment and levelling
  • Solution Options

    • Choice of type of radar sensors
    • Choice of number of radar sensors
    • PTZ thermal/day camera integrated to best fit sensor coverage options
    • Video and alarm log recording and playback
    • Acoustic deterrent devices
    • Optronic deterrent devices
    • Communication options for display at client's Central Alarm Station:
    • Wi-Fi/Microwave integration with existing (site specific) communication backbone
    • Satellite communication integration for long distance remote monitoring
    • Mast height and head load options cater for varied terrain and payload requirements