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Solar Trackers and Mounting 1

    Reutech has the capability to supply the following:

    • Design of optimised mechanical structures for customised client requirements, wind loading analysis, stress and deformation analysis, environmental conditions and field assembly & maintenance.
    • Fixed mountings for Photo Voltaic (PV).
    • Seasonal single-axis azimuth trackers for PV with manual seasonal elevation adjustment.
    • Dual-axis trackers for PV.
    • High accuracy Concentrated Photo Voltaic (CPV) trackers.
    • Heliostats for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) single tower applications.

Mobile Hybrid Power Plant 2

    The new and innovative mobile hybrid power plant is the ideal power solution for varied equipment needs. This product features:

    • Mobility: Rugged trailer design allows the power plant to be deployed in the most remote locations.
    • Rapid deployment: Setup in less than 15 minutes.
    • Self-sustaining power source: The unique combination of solar technology, a diesel generator and low maintenance batteries provide an ideal self-sustainable eco-friendly solution.
    • Low maintenance: Using high quality components and deep-cycle maintenance free batteries, the power plant requires minimal maintenance.
    • High reliability: The product is ideal for environments where continuous operation is required.

Southern African Large Telescope (SALT) 3
  • The Southern African Large Telescope (SALT) is a multinational project

    that constructed the largest single optical astronomical telescope in the

    Southern Hemisphere.

    Reutech was responsible for the design, manufacture, installation and commissining of the following high precision telescope mechanical and control systems:

    Robotic Tracker
    Robotic Tracker
    Dome and Shutter Drives and Control

    Dome and Shutter

    Drives and Control

    Structure Drives and Control

    Structure Drives

    and Control

  • Robotic Tracker

    One of the telescope's most complex sub-systems, the tracker, carries the prime focus payload, which houses the optical instruments. Together, the tracker and the payload are the scientific nerve centre of the telescope. The tracker operates thirteen independent real-time servo systems, including a six degree-of-freedom hexapod. The total mass of the payload is just over 1 ton, while the tracker itself weighs an additional 4,5 tons. The tracker is able to position the payload so that it can acquire and track celestial objects with an accuracy of 5 microns and 1 arc second over its entire range. This is equivalent to the positioning of a large truck 13 m above the mirror with an accuracy of a hair's breadth.

  • Dome and Shutter Drives and Control

    Reutech designed, manufactured and installed the suspension, drives and controls of the 30 ton, 25 m diameter hemispherical dome as well as the drives and control of the dome shutter which opens the telescope at night. The suspension bogies were designed to support the rotating dome in sub-zero temperatures and secure it in winds of up to 220 km/h.

  • Structure Drives and Control

    Reutech designed, manufactured and installed the drives and controls to move the 100 ton telescope structure in azimuth to within 0.02°. This included the control of 8 air-bearing pads to float the structure 15mm above the pier wall while being rotated by 2 servo-driven drive wheels. Reutech also supplied the pintle bearing system that constrains the structure radially while floating on the air cushion. The pintle bearing system also measures the azimuth position within 3 arc seconds.

Self Powered Container (SPC 100) 4

    The Self Powered Container (SPC) is a multi-purpose, fully customisable, insulated container unit used in cases where sensitive instruments need to be protected against the elements in areas where grid electricity supply is unavailable or unreliable.

    The system has the capability to remotely monitor and control all hardware and software components used within the container.

    The following specifications are indicative of a baseline configuration, which can be adapted to suit the customer's individual needs.